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About Us



Evolventechnik Tools Pvt Ltd, located in Hyderabad, India was established in 1990 for the manufacture of Hobs. The enterprise was a culmination of over four decades of experience and hands-on expertise in manufacturing Hobs for gears, straight splines, involute splines, sprockets, ratchets, racks etc.


The founders are fully qualified and Foreign-trained Technocrats having about 45 years of dedicated experience in the design and manufacture of Hobs.


Evolventechnik has an excellent manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art machines for relief turning, hob sharpening and relief grinding.


Evolventechnik is dedicated to offering all its customers the best product quality at economical prices with on-time delivery and a committed support. With its extensive manufacturing and inspection, Evolventechnik facilities is the preferred destination for precision Hobs.




We manufacture hobs for some of the leading names in the Indian automotive industry.

Many renowned axle-shaft and automobile-part manufacturers exclusively use our hobs.